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About Me

I am a self-taught henna artist based out of Los Angeles, California. I began using henna in 2014 as a hobby that developed into a passion. My first experience with henna was a poor-quality DIY henna kit that I used to doodled on my hand and I fell in love with it. ​

Although I am self-taught, I have attended henna conferences that have given me tools and skills to continue growing with henna. Henna has allowed me to relax, connect and create. It has become a form of art therapy for me.

Today, I continue to make my own henna paste. I use the most natural ingredients - organic henna, raw sugar, essential oils and distilled water. My henna designs are freehand and original.

Thank you for your support and I hope I am able to adorn your skin or provide you with cones for your henna journey.



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