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Why you should add henna to your baby shower

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Plan a baby shower and add some henna as a part favor, its fun!

What is a Baby Blessing?

Celebrate your baby shower with some henna love, book a session for your pregnant mama and share the joy of art on this special moment. This western form of adornment has been made popular by popular artist like Beyonce, Christina Mirian, and other expecting mother’s as a maternity photoshoot trend. This temporary art form is a great way to celebrate and honor your changing body. Traditionally adorned with mandalas as a representation of the growing universe.

Is it henna and jagua safe for pregnancy

Both henna and jagua are safe to use during pregnancy, made with professional ingredients like distilled water, organic raw sugar, organic lavender oil, and organic henna or jagua powder. Henna is a plant based dye made out of micro grounded henna leafs. Jagua is a tropical fruit based dye that is freeze dried and pulverized. If you have questions, consult with a doctor before application and/or do a small test patch to avoid a major allergic reaction.

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